The Colonia administration have called for independent pilots to help its population, and its neighbour systems with supplies and finally with expanding of its territory and influence. In exchange for help, The Colonia Council, announces for organized groups of pilots about its willingness to create a new homes for them, far from their homeland - a surface bases within their territory.

In response, a few smart and brave adventurers, of various professions are putting everything at stake to create a new independent organization - Eol Prou Group, and claim about their support for Colonia Expansion Initiative program.

As reported one of organization's supporter CMDR Avel «I am an old and loyal follower of Federation’s ideas and Paladin Consortium’s recruit, but when I’ve heard about extension of free and independent from any Powers zone, I immediately agreed to help them.»

«It's important to have an ability to extend the territories of humanity’s civilization, to create a new inhabitable space, and a new home for free pilots and explorers. Such an organization should contribute to the conquest of outer space» added СMDR AiryKai - a member of Children of Raxxla and a deep space explorer.

The first who responded to the call, was discoverers, who quickly evaluated prime location of Colonia. But, in a short time, it became obvious that combat pilots are also interested in joining to the group. For them it was an opportunity to free themselves from authorities and endless conflicts of inhabited territories, to make a step forward or to hide themselves from the problems of the old world. The most sagacious and risky traders reached a new market for themselves, also by claiming about their support of Eol Prou Group.

The group members soon came to conclusion, that, despite of varieties of views and ideas, everyone agrees that independence and prosperity of the Colonia is beneficial for all of them.

Eol Prou Group is actively spreading a call to action «Our main goal is to explore far frontiers of the galaxy and comprehension of the mysteries of numerous unavailable earlier regions. In order to achieve the objectives, we send a call to all independent pilots, who are ready to go into this dangerous trip of more than 20 000 light years long. Whether you are a brave fighter, a trader of an explorer, your support will help to achieve common goals.»