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Eol Prou Group is a group of independent pilots, who first declared itself during Colonia Expansion Initiative in the end of 3302. An incredible unity of its pilots had allowed it to gain a total victory right at the first phase of Expansion, and to become a part of Colonia’s Assembly.

Eol Prou Group is calling that their main activities are scientific research and exploring of the far corners of the galaxy. Nonetheless, callsigns of organization vessels also include heavily armed ships guarding the territories of Colonia, and groups of mining ships working out rich deposits of minerals and ore. It all indicates that organization’s pilots have a thorough approach for equipping their personal fleets, which is very hard to do, while being in that deep space, and are ready for action in near any type of activity.

Today the community of Eol Prou Group brings together a lots of pilots who are ready to stand selflessly for protection of Colonia independence. And an ongoing placing orders for hiring a vast number of science workers, coming from this organisation leaves no doubts that their gaze is aimed much further than the colonial territories.